Client Feedback



The sea has obviously been a great inspiration in the project and one of the most important tasks for us to address has been on how we can use the location in an optimal way. If one lives next to the ocean, you will of course want to see and feel the both soothing and exciting presence of the ocean. Therefore, we wanted to create a project that is both rational and innovative while featuring apartments that with its design creates optimal views towards the sea.

The presence of the ocean has greatly contributed to the expansive shape towards the ocean and the surrounded and more protected environment at the entrance. The shape towards the ocean can be compared to a boat hull with its rounded shape and warm, rust-brown tones that appears when unified with the ground. The rounded shape can also be compared to waves and the pattern of the facade plates enhances the feeling of waves rolling ashore.

From a practical perspective, the location near the ocean also influenced our choice of materials in the facade. For the facade facing the sea, we are working with the facade system Buchtal that consists of plates of facade clinker that comes in four different shades of rust-brown to bright warm white. The facade system is robust with thoughtful details and it is entirely inorganic and self-cleaning. For the side of the entrance of the house, we have chosen a bright, welcoming and slightly more traditional plastered facade, which creates a beautiful background to the trees and the plants in the entrance area.

The location next by the ocean also means that the buildings are an important element of what one sees from Skrea Beach. The new wave-shaped residential buildings in the foreground along with the painted facade of the warehouse behind the residential buildings in tints of ocean blue-green, give an unprecedented view of the beach. Seen from a longer distance, our aim is that the four houses shall coincide together to generate an integrality that responds to the large scale of the existing harbor environment.

Petra Strömberg and AnnCharlott Castler

Fredblad architects