Falkenberg is a true small town. In the most positive way possible. There is a familiar feeling and a lack of prestige but at the same time gumption and ambition. There is also humor and playfulness, shopping, good food and more than anything a nearness to things which makes living in Falkenberg easy.

Falkenberg has no distances. From Bacchus the town center, beach, schools, activities and restaurants are just a short walk or bicycle ride away. Taking the car is just as smooth and you run no risk of getting stuck in traffic jams. Therefore also the longer distances are shorter than you think.

The nearness makes your everyday life easy to plan. You know that in half an hour you can walk your way to friends in the city and that you are at the supermarket after just a short bicycle ride. Within fifteen minutes by car you find everything from golf course to tennis club to railway station and freeway.

And a stone’s throw from the apartment the restaurants await you on Skrea beach for a spontaneous dinner. Easy and close.


Falkenberg is rich in club activities and is represented by elite sports teams in for instance football, volleyball, table tennis, rowing, horse riding and bowling. And Bacchus has several different sports facilities in its vicinity, for instance tennis hall, ice rank, football fields, swimming facility and not to mention as much as three golf courses within fifteen minutes by car.


In recent years Falkenberg has established itself as a food commune of high order. Falkenbergs Skafferi has become a collection name for the many capable food entrepreneurs and restaurant keepers who have turned Falkenberg into their hometurf. In Falkenberg you find plenty of restaurants and cafés of various sorts but also several local food producers with their own farm shops. In the summertime Falkenbergs Matdagar are arranged, a local food market offering good food, beverage and atmosphere.


Falkenberg has a voluminous selection of culture and entertainment in summer as well as winter. I summer the selection is dominated by summer slapstick at Vallarna, the popular family theater and well known guest artists from all of Sweden. In the colder months of the year New Year’s variety, musicals and theater. In Falkenberg is also one of just four Rootsy-spots in Sweden which is regularly visited by the latest shooting stars in American blues, folk, grass and country.


Falkenberg is for most people known for its vicinity to the sea and its fine beaches. But in the inland are also great woods to hike in and in total 256 lakes to both swim and fish in. Throughout all of Falkenberg the river Ätran twists with its good salmon waters and the now open Hertingsforsen (rapids). Falkenberg is simply a bit of a Sweden in miniature.


In summer Falkenberg experiences a powerful increase in population when the summer guests come to visit. Then Falkenberg lives up to the epithet ”summertown” with a lot of people and well visited outdoor cafés and if the sun is out also a well filled Skrea beach.
During summer there are also plenty of activities and there is always something new to experience and discover.


Ta talk about Falkenberg without mentioning the big yellow department store in Ullared is not possible. Gekås Ullared is unprecedented not only in Sweden but the whole world. Almost five million people come here every year on pilgrimage which makes it the third most visited travel destination in the world, beaten only by the Niagara Falls and the Chinese wall. Beside Gekås Ullared there are several good and nice shops in the Falkenberg center which is in constant development.