The first stage of Bacchus with occupancy the summer of 2018 is the start of a new vibrant district in Falkenberg. There are plans for around 650 apartments with a unique location and the seas as neighbor.

Bacchus was built on an artificial island which was created once to produce and store Sweden’s need for wine and spirits. Today the same peninsula offers the ability for us to build a completely new district in a unique marine environment. A district with everything from marina, bathing places, parks, cafés and supermarket to pre-school, school and retirement home.

Here are also plans for a theater- and congress hall with associated restaurant and sports facility. Bacchus has all the chances of becoming a vibrant district where the Falkenbergers kan swim, socialize, dine, go shopping and experience entertainment just a short walk from the center. Adjacent to the sea, Skrea beach and the mouth of the river Ätran.

Bacchus is also a symbol of a Falkenberg on the forefront. For a confident and decisive city. A place for people to long for. A place where people will want to live.

You are welcome too.



In the mid 1970:iess state run Vin & Sprit AB opened their new facility in Falkenberg. In order for the factory to become reality the government allowed the construction of an artificial peninsula which gave Falkenberg a chance to receive boats which shipped wine and spirits from the continent.

To create the peninsula a total of 280 000 cubic meters of stone, gravel and sand were used. Half was made up of sand from the sea floor which was collected from the Danish island Anholt and shipped by a sandsucking boat to Falkenberg. The boat was operated 24/7 from May to November 1972 and delivered three shipments every twenty four hours. Every shipment contained around 300 cubic meters which meant more than 460 rounds with sand.

In 1976 the facility was ready and became primarily a bottling factory for wine but whisky and mulled wine were mixed there while imported beverages were distributed. When the factory was discontinued in 1999 almost 200 people worked at Vin & Sprit in Falkenberg. Since then the facilities have been filled by new companies which today create jobs for even more.

Ever since the sortie of Vin & Sprit from Falkenberg there have been plans to build residences at Bacchus. Now that is finally becoming reality. The artificial peninsula enables the construction of attractive residences in a unique environment and simultaneously a whole new city district is created which binds the city to the sea.